The 4J classroom flag for 2017 - 2018

The students voted for this flag to represent the class.

Study it carefully and see if you can figure out the meaning of the colours and symbols.

4J Flag - Official 2017 - 2018.jpg


Manitoba is a great Province to live in!

We should get to know about some of the cities and towns and where they are located!

First - Find your town with the help of GOOGLE MAPS

Souris (MS, HK),_Manitoba
Brandon (SB, TR),_Manitoba
Churchill (AR, AD),_Manitoba
Flin Flon (KR)
Thompson (MR, MS),_Manitoba
The Pas (PK, BR)
Gimli (NL, ZP)
Morden (SJ),_Manitoba
Boissevain (RA, KK),_Manitoba
Winkler (AW, CW),_Manitoba
Lac Du Bonnet (JZ, JT),_Manitoba
LynnLake (AG,,_Manitoba

Can you find each town on the map of Manitoba?


SS - being canadian.JPG

Canada's Government

We elected THESE people to run the government, of CANADA, MANITOBA, and STEINBACH

Do you know thier names and jobs? Quiz yourself!

SS - Canada Leaders.jpg

Download this presentation to test your memory!

Being Canadian in the NORTH!

What does it mean to be Canadian if you live in the far north of Canada? Is it different than being a Canadian here in Manitoba? Are some things still the same?

Do we tell the same stories?

Watch "The Owl and the Raven - An Inuit Legend"

Watch "The Owl and the Lemming - An Inuit Legend"

CANADIAN SYMBOLS - I've Got Canada in my Pocket - by Michael Mitchell


If You're Not from the Prairie - by David Bouchard

SS- iynftp - cover.jpg


SS - regions banner.JPG

Use this PowerPoint to help you recognize what Canada looks like in the different Regions!


Provinces, Territories, and Capital Cities

Do you remember all the names of Provices and Territories in Canada and their Capital Cities?

Use these links to help you study!


Print off the map and try it yourself at home!

can you complete the map without the list?


Match the Capital City to the correct Province with THIS GAME!

Practice Identifying the Provinces with this game!

SS - label the provinces.jpg

Get to know the location of the Provinces! 2 Puzzle games!

SS-canada_puzzle_1.JPG or canada puzzle 2.JPG