Mr. Johnson and the students of 4J worked together to compose our first news article!

4J Goes to Barkman Concrete


On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 4J students and their teacher Mr. Johnson went on a walking field trip from Southwood School to Barkman Concrete in Steinbach, Manitoba. The students and Mr. Johnson went there to learn more about how we use rocks in our everyday lives.

Mr. Jason, a scientist there, put a chunk of concrete in a machine, then closed the door of the machine. The students waited a little and there was a big BANG! The Barkman Concrete scientists do the test to see how strong the concrete is.

At Barkman Concrete, Mr. Funk, the head scientist there, did a rock sorting test. He dumped a jar full of rocks in a filter. He shook the filter to sort the rocks. He took apart the filter to see what the results were. The bigger rocks were on the top. The smaller rocks were on the bottom. The scientists do the test to see the different sizes of rocks.

How does Barkman Concrete make moulds? They take a rock and put it in a wooden box. Mr. Funk even showed the students a slab of concrete and a piece of granite that looked exactly alike. Once it dries, they look exactly the same.

After, the students walked back to Southwood with rock samples of their own, thinking about their awesome field trip to Barkman Concrete!

Reported by: 4J Students

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